Capturing 360 Video with the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K

Will 12K be enough for immersive capture with this lens?

Why I Chose This Camera

I used this chart while comparing various sensor sizes to figure out which lens would be the right fit. Thanks Freedom360 for helping me out!
Expect a little over 30 minutes of record time at maximum quality 12K on a 2TB SSD. That’s a lot of data!


Out in the field with Robert Watts and John Calabrese. Super fun (and staying safe!)
  • Define where your stitch lines are going to be. It’s less about seeing a stitch line, because by filming nodal there is no parallax to deal with, but rather more about what the action of the scene is and what is moving along those stitch lines. Be aware of anything moving!
  • Always check critical focus.
  • I think the sweet spot of sharpness and depth of field with this lens is f5.6.
  • Make sure the camera is level when flipping around. Otherwise you could be introducing another axis of potential parallax.

Some “Gotchas”

Ignoring the focus issue (the filter changes the backfocus and I didn’t bother to reset it), you can see the left is with the filter, and the right is without.





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